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In addition to my prior work as a nonprofit director, I am a small business owner and manage a complex household budget. I understand the pressures facing local families, the need to maximize resources, and efficient delivery of services. In Olympia I will fight to ensure every family — regardless of employment status and income — can keep a roof over their head and access critical services.


Throughout my career I’ve addressed challenges within the public safety continuum — from preventing youth violence to advocating for the safety of domestic violence survivors and seniors at risk of exploitation. Excessive policing and incarceration should not be the community solution to a problem that has roots in systemic inequity and a lack of social resources. I’m excited to continue tackling these and other critical issues in the legislature.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit families and businesses in our district hard. Economic Recovery is a top priority in the legislature as we navigate the lasting impacts whether it be through advocating for support for small businesses, tenant and landlord protections, and funding critical infrastructure like human services efforts.


I share my home with my mother and twin brother, both of whom live with chronic illness. Too many seniors and low-income residents are having to choose between life saving medication or having somewhere to sleep at night. I am fortunate that I am able to help provide for my family, but too many others lack a safety net — thus perpetuating cycles of homelessness and other trauma. We have to do better as a State to care for all people. It’s the compassionate and fiscally logical solution.


Prime Sponsored Bills that Passed Legislature 

HB 1383 – Concerning respiratory care practitioners
HB 1425 – Expanding scholarships for community and technical college students
HB 1514 – Addressing transportation demand management
HB 1773 – Concerning assisted outpatient treatment for persons with behavioral health disorders
HB 1980 – Removing the prohibition on providing employment services and community access services concurrently for individuals with developmental disabilities
HB 2008 – Eliminating the use of intelligence quotient scores in determining eligibility for programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities

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