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ENDORSEMENT ALERT: The Seattle Times Rep. Jamila Taylor

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

"In her first term, state Rep. Jamila Taylor hit the ground running, becoming chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, helping craft the Legislature’s answer to the state Supreme Court decision that decriminalized drug possession and focusing on bills to support people with developmental disabilities.

Taylor is a promising legislator who has earned a second term.

The incumbent was part of the House leadership team that shaped the bipartisan response to the Blake court ruling, a difficult compromise that balanced accountability while addressing the failed war on drugs.

She also proposed legislation to eliminate the use of IQ scores to determine if people with developmental disabilities are eligible for programs and services, and to remove the ban on Developmental Disabilities Administration clients participating in both employment and community access services. Both bills passed with bipartisan support.

Taylor, who works as an attorney with the Public Defender Association, said she identifies as “a progressive, through and through,” but that she is interested in bipartisanship and finding solutions, regardless of whose name is on a particular bill. She also said she does not share her employer’s position on decriminalizing drugs.

“I’m a person who’s a crime victim survivor, a crime victims’ attorney, and I do believe that there’s accountability that needs to be met to service individuals who have been victimized,” she said.

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