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FEDERAL WAY MIRROR: Here are the bills Federal Way area legislators worked on this session

Excerpts: "Here are some of the bills that local legislators have — and haven’t — managed to get through the Legislature so far.

Successfully voted through the House or Senate:

Taylor’s HB 1474, creating a program to address the history of racist real estate covenants in Washington.

Taylor’s HB 1102, increasing the pay for retired judges who sit in as temporary judges to match that of practicing attorneys.

"Housing and zoning: The much-debated middle housing bill HB 1110, co-sponsored by Taylor, has made it into the Senate. Both local House members supported it. The bill would require cities under the Growth Management Act (including Federal Way) to allow duplexes or fourplexes in nearly all of their neighborhoods. The original bill earned pushback, including from several Federal Way City Council members, who took issue with the idea that cities and their elected councils would lose control over the zoning of their own neighborhoods.

"School meals: They may become free for many more students. HB 1238 passed the House with the support and co-sponsorship of Taylor and Reeves. It would require school districts that have a large minority of students on free or reduced lunch programs to provide taxpayer-funded breakfast and lunch without charge to any requesting students. Schools would be reimbursed through the state Office of the Superintendent.

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