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SEATTLE MEDIUM: WA’s Black Members Caucus Hopes To Carry Momentum Into 2022 Legislative Session

By Patric Haerle, The Seattle Medium

"On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2019 the five Black lawmakers of the state Legislature formed the Black Members Caucus.

Now, the all-Democratic caucus is up to a record nine members and is bicameral, with eight members in the House and one in the Senate. The group represents nine of the 25 Black lawmakers in Washington’s legislative history—the first dating to Washington’s inaugural Legislature in 1889.


“Racial equity and racial justice is at the forefront of our minds and ensuring that all of our policies have a racial equity lens,” said caucus chair Rep. Jamila Taylor, D-Federal Way. “We absolutely must continue the fight there–economic recovery that’s inclusive for the Black community, in particular. COVID has hit the Black community in ways that have been unprecedented.”

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